13 MP
Sony IMX214

Remember every moment.

Superb camera for everlasting memories.

One of the best ways to save memories is to capture the moment in clear and vivid details. The 13 megapixels rear camera gives clear high resolution pictures, suitable to capture every moment in your life. Backed with the Sony IMX214 sensor and the aperture F2.2, the FLASH is able to capture the moments even in low light. Giving you everlasting memories from every moment.

Edit like a pro.

Make your photos the way you want them to be.

Enhance your photos, and optimize them to your desire. Choose from the variety of filters or edit them after shooting, without having to get any additional apps. The FLASH PLUS’ multi-lomo, graduated and curves editor makes you an instant pro photo editor. The end results are customized pictures, as you like.

Capture like a pro.

Manual settings for the more serious photographers.

Ever needed to take a photo where the automatic settings just won’t work? Maybe you need more light. Well good news, the FLASH PLUS camera has a manual setting which allows you to manually set the aperture size, shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance and brightness.

Capture mind blowing panorama photos.

Not just horizontal, but vertical panorama shots too.

While horizontal panorama serves well for landscape or scenic city views, step up your photography like a pro by taking vertical panorama photos. Try it when taking photos of tall trees, high rise buildings, unique interiors or simply before a bungee jump!

Capture all the action like a pro.

Multi shot photography.

There are moments when you want to capture the action at just the right moment, the high point of the slam dunk, the fullness of the splash, the cross of the finish line, the impact of the moment – all of these which calls for the timing has to be perfect.With the FLASH PLUS multi shot, you can capture up to 20 photos in 3 seconds, making sure you never miss the action at the right moment.