Photos By Flash Plus

People shoot amazing photos with the Flash Plus every day. Showcased here is our most loved shots. Browse the gallery, pick up a few tips, and see the possibilities to shoot like a pro.


“Two worlds”

The icy glacier on top and tranquil blue lake below, with variation of green tones of the trees creates a good contrast in this photo.

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“Dreamy Petals”

The fuchsia pink color of this flower gradually fades into the soft dreamy cream color background, giving an overall art-like illustration.

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“Starry Night”

A bundle of Snowflake lights on the bed intrigues curiosity.

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“Summer Hills”

The farm house creates a balance to the composition in this wide panoramic shot.

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Blue skies and sea, contrast with the white clouds and white bridge brings this real life shot in just 2 colours.

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Using black as the background, the flower with its deep contrasting tones and colour gives the flower a pop up effect.

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