Optimised front camera for stunning selfies.

8MP Front Camera, with voice recognition.

Every aspect of the FLASH PLUS camera has been enhanced to make it easier for you to create amazing selfies. The optimised camera software, including the voice recognition capture function, facial-enhancement capabilities and a wide angle 8MP front camera gives you the best means to capture you and your moments.


This is not just a phone.

Advance 13MP rear camera.

You can tell a good smartphone from its camera, and that’s how great the FLASH PLUS is. The rear-facing 13MP camera provides crystal-clear details and when combined with the multi-filters, semi-pro photo editor and the adjustable manual settings ensures that your photos turn out as how you want them to be – beautiful.



30 fps


Record your life like a pro.

Full HD video recording.

From shooting pictures to video recording, the FLASH PLUS aims to capture your special moments – as real and vivid as possible. You can record stunning 1080p HD videos at 30fps, capturing high quality videos similar to that of blue-ray videos.

10 hours

4G calling

30 hours

2G calling

6 hours

4G Internet Surfing

8 hours

Video Playing

28 hours

Music Playing

6 hours

Camera Shooting

490 hours



You only need a single charge for the whole day.

3500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with power saving mode.

The FLASH PLUS industry leading high capacity 3500mAh battery, coupled with the power saving mode, gives all day usage without sacrifice to performance. During intense use, the FLASH PLUS delivers non-stop 8 hours of video gaming, 28 hours of music play or 6 hours of camera shooting so you can play like a pro.






Smoother experience when multitasking.

Superbly powerful and efficient 64Bit Octa-core Processor.

The incredibly powerful 64Bit 8 core 1.5Ghz Processor sustains higher performance – allowing you do more without compromising the quality of your tasks. Added with the graphic powered Mali-T760 MP2 GPU with the FLASH PLUS, you can enjoy a smoother and richer experience when watching HD movies and playing graphic intense games.

Smoother overall experience.

Optimised 2GB RAM.

The FLASH PLUS is equipped with 2GB RAM to ensure that all the features are optimised for you. Pages on the internet display faster while videos and games will be able to support colour at higher resolutions. This lets you enjoy crisper and brighter images for excitingly fast videos and for a powerful gaming experience.


Enhanced viewing experience.

Superior 5.5” IPS HD Display and OGS full lamination.

The FLASH PLUS display represents the step up in user experience that enhances your viewing experience. With superior 5.5” IPS HD display and the closer-to-life OGS full lamination, everything you do on your smartphone is more enjoyable.

Stay connected seamlessly.

4G TDD-LTE/ FDD-LTE technology.

The FLASH PLUS comes with a smooth 4G LTE connection keeping you fully connected. Supporting both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, the FLASH PUS is compatible with a wide range of network spectrums worldwide, suitable for the global traveler.

Separate work and personal effortlessly.

Dual SIM with TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE technology.

The FLASH PLUS has upped the convenience level. The two dual SIM functionality in the FLASH PLUS lets you have the best of both worlds and the comfort of just carrying 1 device with slots for 2 SIM cards.

Go smart with the touch screen.

Smart Wake and Alphabet recognition.

The FLASH PLUS maximizes your user experience by eliminating the need for pressing buttons. Simply unlock the FLASH PLUS with just a double tap, without even having to lift your phone. And when you need to open your apps – simply draw your favourite alphabet (for example draw a “C” to launch the camera app). Truly, a smartphone at its truest sense.




Glossy Gold And Matt Slate.

Premium yet elegantly young.

The two distinct colours – the glossy gold and matt slate gives the FLASH PLUS an outstanding premium look, that draws attention even from afar. Combined with its flowing curves, 147g light weight and 7.95mm thinness, the FLASH PLUS sits comfortably in your hand while exuding elegance, strength and youth.