Professional Audio for a premium device

Music is life, and life should never be without music. The Flash Plus 2’s audio system is composed with a high performance 24-bit advanced audio headphone DAC (AKM4375) utilizing AKM’s original architecture which has been specifically redesigned for bring out the fullest, high quality sounds for the Flash Plus 2.

flash plus 2

The NXP9890 audio amplifier to drown out the rest

Let the music speak for itself with the Flash Plus 2. Packing a NXP9890 audio amplifier to increase the overall sound quality, the Flash Plus 2 delivers a 5-9dB increase over ordinary phones, and provides an outstanding audio experience even in louder-than-average environments.

flash plus 2

Flash MIX

Everyone can be a musician

Get your MIX on with Flash Plus 2. MIX, developed for the Flash Plus 2 inspires and stimulates your musical talent. Remix and compose your own music, your way.

flash plus 2