Fingerprint Scanner

Secure and Direct

The Flash Plus 2 integrates a front facing finger print with the home key, bringing you a more direct experience in unlocking your device. The fingerprint module recognizes your finger print and unlocks your device within 0.5 seconds. A seamless experience that makes the future of protection, effortless.

flash plus 2

Private Folder

Access allowed only with your finger print

Sometimes you might lend your phone to a friend to make a call or take a shot. For better privacy we have developed the Private Folder feature for The Flash Plus 2. It will keep selected folders private, and only requires a quick tap of your fingerprint to access it.

flash plus 2
flash plus 2

One Finger One App

What could be quicker than having access to all your favorite apps at a simple touch? Assign your thumb to open Facebook, index finger for Instagram, or your little finger for Music. It’s that simple.